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        Jesse & Jeri Hannon

        For Jesse & Jeri Hannon, life has been about bold moves, perseverance, and helping people. Ask them what they’ve learned from their experiences, and they will tell you that taking calculated risks are necessary to advance although the outcomes don’t always turn out the way you expect, but you learn and grow by trying new things. They will also tell you that you must have an unwavering resolve to succeed if you are going to realize your goals – and that there is no greater joy than helping other people fulfill their dreams.

        Originally from Maryland, the Hannons were educators. Jesse was a Health & Physical Education Teacher. He also served as Department Chairman, Athletic Director, and Coach of award-winning Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track & Field teams. Jeri taught English and Journalism, was promoted to Teacher Mentor where she helped new teachers hone their craft and finished her career as a High School Assistant Principal.

        Ready to embark on a new career, Jesse & Jeri decided to get their real estate licenses in 2003. They immediately learned that they enjoyed working in the real estate industry and that many aspects of real estate involve educating buyers and sellers. It was the perfect career transition.

        After being extremely successful realtors in Maryland, the Hannons chose to relocate to Southwest Florida in 2014 and begin a brand-new real estate career. Determined to repeat and improve upon their accomplishments, Jesse and Jeri worked thoughtfully and persistently to be named among America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agents, an honor bestowed to less than 1% of active real estate professionals in the United States making this group truly the most exclusive and elite level of realtors. More importantly, Jesse and Jeri greatly value the trust that people place in them when making such significant personal and financial decisions which is why they work tirelessly to ensure that every client is thoroughly pleased with his or her transaction.

        The Hannons’ passion for helping people is their driving force. From assisting students in attaining the skills to become successful in their life pursuits to working with home buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions, Jesse and Jeri are focused on supporting people in achieving their goals.

        They look forward to helping you with your sale or purchase, and your transition to the next chapter in your life’s story.

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        Hannon Team
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